CSR-002 Baan Phra Bat Huai Tom (CSR)

Code: CSR-002
  • Vegetarian food.
  • Merit-making Pga K’nyau-style.
  • Pay respect to the revered monk Khru Bachaiyawongsapattana.
  • Ride bicycles around while enjoying life at Phra Bat Huai Tom.
  • Pray at Phra Maha That Chedi Sri Wiang Chai (temple).
Day 1
05:30 am Meet up at Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok.
06:40 am Depart Don Muang International Airport.
07:45 am Arrive at Chiang Mai International Airport. Claim your baggage and head for breakfast.
08:40 am Enjoy breakfast at Huan Pen, a famous Thai restaurant in Chiang Mai.
09:40 am Leave for Phra Bat Huai Tom Community.
12:00 pm Welcome greeting by community leaders.
12:30 – 01:30 pm Try a special vegetarian lunch in the manner enjoyed by the Pga K’nyau of Bat Huai Tom.
02:00 – 03:30 pm Team building and workshops.
04:00 – 04:20 pm Head to your hotel accommodation and check-in. After, take time to rest or run any personal errands.
05:30 pm Attend a party at Baan Pailyn Resort.
07:30 pm Free time to rest and relax around the community/at your accommodation.
Day 2
05:30 am Leave your hotel for make some morning offerings and experience the lives of the Pga K’nyau of Phra Bat Huai Tom at Phra Bat Huai Tom Temple. Everyone has to dress in bright Pga K’nyau costumes prepared by the community.
06:00 am Make offerings to the monks and build good karma for yourself.
07:00 am Return to the hotel for breakfast.
07:30 am Breakfast at the hotel and time for any personal errands.
09:00 am Leave for Phra Bat Huai Tom Community.
09:30 am Take a bicycle ride and observe the livelihoods of the people of Phra Bat Huai Tom and the community landscape on both sides of the road.
Offer prayers at Phra Maha That Chedi Sri Wiang Chai, which was modeled after the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar. Made completely of laterite, it is the largest laterite pagoda in Thailand and the largest true gold-covered pagoda in the north.
10:00 am CSR activities.
10:40 am Say your goodbyes and express your appreciation to the people in the community. There is also an opportunity to take some pictures together with the villagers and buy some community products to take back home as a souvenir or gift.
11:00 am Return to your accommodation with time for your personal errands.
12:20 am Check-out from your accommodation and head out for lunch.
12:30 am Have lunch at Krua Rim Tarn Restaurant, a famous restaurant in the Li District.
01:30 pm Leave for Chiang Mai.
04:00 pm Stop off at Warorot Market to buy some gifts.
04:30 pm Head for dinner at Khum Wiang Yong Restaurant.
05:00 pm Enjoy dinner at Khum Wiang Yong Restaurant.
06:10 pm Leave for Chiang Mai International Airport.
06:40 pm Arrive at Chiang Mai International Airport and check-in for your trip back to Bangkok with Thai Air Asia.
07:50 pm Depart for Bangkok.
09:10 pm Arrive at Don Muang International Airport.


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