CSR-005 Baan Tam Suea Home Stay – the Tiger Cave Village (CSR)

Code: CSR-005

This is Baan Tam Suea, which means ‘Tiger Cave Village’ in Thai – an awesome name for a village, if a bit frightening. If you’ve got a good imagination, you might even wonder if there are indeed tigers here as suggested by the name. Indeed there were – but a long time ago.

However, the surroundings of Baan Tam Suea remain as rich as ever. When you visit this place, you’ll discover that it is still covered in huge trees that take several people to encircle their trunks, most of which have high economic value and many different uses.

But why do you think the area has remained in this natural state? The reason is that, much to our envy, the people living in Baan Tam Suea Community came together and preserved the forests through their own initiatives as well as their organic lifestyle.

We are thrilled to have the chance to lead you on a tour of the natural landscape, green jungles, and clear, cool waters of the Phet Buri River and the environmentally friendly, nature-dependent lifestyle full of fun activities we want you to experience throughout your trip.

One last question: Have you ever ridden a rubber boat down a river to check in at a hotel? If not, then get ready!


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