CSR-008 Phuket, Lone Island (CSR)

Code: CSR-008

Whether you simply love the beauty of the Andaman Sea, enjoy exploring the jungles or just want to soak up some of the local knowledge, this range of activities on Koh Lone island is sure to satisfy any visitor during their stay:

    • Take a trip in a traditional Hua Tone boat as you savor the surrounding beauty across the water.
    • Experience the local way of life at Koh Lone. Here, you’ll learn about different perspectives and exchange knowledge together. In addition, there’s visits to Ban Koh Lone School and Ban Roi Pee School.
    • Learn how to make a herbal compress in the workshop.
    • Learn how to make traditional Ko (island) desserts and herbal teas.
    • Purchase some community products.
    • Take time to relax and walk along the beach.
    • Try out some of the local dishes, including fresh seafood, spicy sauces and healthy herbal recipes.
    • Watch some local performances especially for you
    • Take a tour to some of the nearby destinations on the main island of Phuket such as the Old Town quarter.
Day 1
06:00 am Meet up at Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok.
07:55 am Depart for Phuket by Thai Air Asia.
09.20 am Arrive at Phuket International Airport then continue to Koh Lone, Rawai, Phuket, on board an air-conditioned VIP van.
11:00 am Reach your destination, the pier at Chalong Bay. Hop on a boat for Koh Lone. The local Hua Tone fishing boats take only 30 minutes, just enough time to take in the great sea views off the coast of Phuket.
11:30 am Make port at Koh Lone and be welcomed by local housewives dressed in traditional batik. Receive flower wreaths and wipe your face with lemongrass-scented refreshing towels and drink coconut water fresh from the trees.
12:00 pm Enjoy lunch and taste the first seafood together among the sounds of waves hitting the beach.
01:30 pm Start the afternoon’s series of team building activities.
02:30 pm CSR activities.
04:00 pm “Crab netting” activity.
Catch a glimpse of the Le people’s way of life before heading back to your accommodation.
Members of the group who do not participate in the crab netting activity can check-in at the hotel and run personal errands and/or rest up before returning to the party, for which everyone has to dress in a “Hawaiian islander” theme.
06:00 pm Gather for the party and enjoy some fresh seafood straight from the ocean.
Remarks: the type of seafood depends on the season.
08:00 pm Return to your accommodations.
Day 2
06:30 am After waking up, it’s time to learn about fishing. For part of this, you’ll go on a hunt for the woi wai (squids) with the locals.
08:00 am Finish your personal errands then have breakfast at your provided accommodation.
10:00 am Team building and workshops.
Return to your accommodation for free time before packing your stuff and checking out.
12:00 pm Enjoy lunch together.
Remarks: The seafood depends on the season.
01:30 pm Time to say goodbye to the community. Before you depart to the main island of Phuket, there is a chance to take some memorable pictures by the beach on Koh Lone.
03:00 pm Make a stop at the coolest dessert shops in town, “A Dessert Moment”. If that’s not to your taste, there’s time to take a walk and enjoy the streets in the middle of Phuket while you admire the classic Sino-Portuguese buildings standing tall above the commercial district.
04:00 pm Take a trip to buy some gifts for friends and family at home at Khun Mae Chu Shop, the best souvenir store in Phuket. Don’t miss out on skewered shrimp chili paste, fish organ soup and others delights.
05:30 pm Arrive at Phuket International Airport.
06:30 pm Return to Bangkok by Thai Air Asia.
07:50 pm Arrive safely back at Don Muang International Airport.


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