CSR-003 Mueang Kao (CSR)

Code: CSR-003
  • Take a tram ride tour of Sukhothai Historical Park.
  • Hop on Rot Khok Mu toward Sri Chum Temple to pray for blessings at Phra Ochana.
  • Give offerings to the monks at Tra Pang Thong Temple.
  • Decorate the artistic walls on Sangkhalok Road.
  • View the local crafts of Sukhothai people at Ban Nua Community.
  • Become a volunteer farmer at the Organic Farming Project, Sukhothai Airport.
Day 1
06:00 am Meet up at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
07:00 am Departure from Bangkok to Sukhothai.
08:15 am Arrival at Sukhothai Airport.
08:40 am Travel to Sukhothai Historical Park in an air conditioned VIP van.
09:30 am Arrive at Ho Phraphuttasirimaravichai to meet with representatives of the Tourism Promotion Club, Mueang Kao, and make offerings to sacred beings for good fortune.
Phraphuttasirimaravichai is a large bronze Bhuddhist statue that is believed to be the palladium of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Over 700 years old, the people of Sukhothai have faith in the statue and call it “Luang Pho Ngam” or “Luang Pho Sukhothai”.
09:40 am Have welcome lunch and beverages and discover rare local Thai desserts such as the Phra Ruang dessert, which can be found only in Sukhothai.
10:00 am ‘Happiness Race’ at the ancient Sukhothai Village

  • Divide into teams of 4-5 people. Each team must take group shots or selfies in front of all the important attractions within the park. Next, upload & share the photos to the group’s social media account(s) to collect points. The team with the highest number of likes & shares is the winner.
  • Puzzle solving activity in the Sukhothai historical park. Staff will give each team a notebook. Every team will ride the tram around Sukhothai historical park and stop at important places such as Sri Sawai Temple, Phra Sri Maha Tat Temple, pay respect to King Ram Khamhaeng monument, learn about the history in order to answer the questions from the Guide Book. The team that gives the most correct answers is the winner.
12:00 pm Enjoy a lunch together under a bodhi tree on an island at Tra Pang Thong Temple.
01:30 pm Team building and workshops.
04.00 pm Check-in at the provided accommodation for free time before dinner.
06:00 pm Enjoy a group dinner.
08:00 pm Rest and relaxation (free time)
Day 2
05:40 am Make morning offerings to the monks to greet the new day at Tra Pang Thong Temple.
07:00 am Breakfast back at the hotel.
09:00 am CSR activities.
11:00 am Around the Walls of Muang Phra Ruang
Have a look at some of the local handicrafts of Sukhothai at Ban Nua Community such as wood carvings, an important local product. The most renowned carvings which are considered some of the best products of Sukhothai are those of the “Nok Khum”, a bird with a beautiful song. People call them “Khum Nguen” and “Khum Thong” and once they have been bought, they will get them blessed so they can be worshiped to bring good fortune to the owner.
11:30 am Return to the accommodation.
12:30 pm Check-out from the accommodation and head out for lunch at Krua Sukho Restaurant.
03:00 pm Become an amateur farmer for the Organic Farming Project of Sukhothai Airport.
05:00 pm Arrival at Sukhothai Airport; check-in to Bangkok Airways and have snacks and beverages in the Bangkok Airways Lounge.
06:45 pm Departure for Bangkok.
08:00 pm Safe arrival at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.


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