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  • ฿6,700.00

    FTH-002B Koh Kerd – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

    The central region of Thailand is considered to be a fertile land appropriate for agriculture. It has been praised to be full of natural resources as ‘the land of fish and rice’. This trip will introduce you to the meaning behind Ayutthaya

  • ฿7,500.00

    FTH-005 SURAT THANI “Wisdom of the Tapi River”

    Since ancient times, the early settlers usually rely on the water; either to grow their crops or to find their main source of food in the river or the sea.

  • ฿2,600.00

    FTH-006 BANGKOK “Back to Basic Tour”


    • Private Tour
    • Experience local daily life
    • Fun transfer by public transportation such as Tuk Tuk, Ferry, Motorbike
    • Meditation Class at Wat Arun
    • Feed river fish
    • Long tail boat through small canals
    • Authentic Thai taste from restaurant that have been served to locals for over 30+ years
    • Support local communities in a unique and entertaining way
  • ฿1,600.00

    FTH-007 BANGKOK “Wan Fah Dinner Cruise”

    Enjoy authentic Thai cruise with Thai music and classical Thai dances.

    Treat yourself with the memorable night out aboard one of Bangkok’s most beautiful Thai boat restaurant. Relax in modern comfort and experience the warmth of Thai hospitality. Dine on a variety of authentic Thai food or Sea food, enjoy classical music and Thai dance shows during a remarkable trip Cruising along the Chao Phraya River. Enjoy the sunset and river life by night, a truly exotic experience and unforgettable night.

  • ฿15,500.00

    FTH-008A BANGKOK “The Path of Flowers”

    Thai food is not just about street food and spicy tastes. ‘The Path of Flowers’ will introduce you to our edible tropical plants which can be tasted from the main course and drinks to desserts.

  • ฿9,000.00


    We can offer different experiences from street food alongside a crowded street to fine dining restaurants. This abundance of taste from different types of ingredients might urge you to be more adventurous and to try things you have never tried before.

  • ฿15,500.00

    FTH-011 PHUKET “The Perfect Combination”

    Would you like to try insanely creative food that will leave you speechless as you dine? Sure you do! And Phuket has a lot of these mouth-watering experiences to offer.

  • ฿29,500.00

    FTH-012ฺB PHUKET “Castaway Paradise”

    The Andaman sea is rich in the diversity of wild lives which enables Phuket to have their own special cuisine unlike any place else. See the unseen Phuket paradise and spend the day with the fishermen at Baan Chat and Baan Mai Kao communities.

  • ฿3,900.00

    FTH-021 CHANTABURI “Learning by doing the signature of CHAN”

    Program Highlight

    • Agrotourism at Rak Khao Bai Sri community
    • Visits the gemstone learning center and learn how to grade the gemstone and jewelry
    • Gemstone mining process learning
    • Samed Ngam reed weaving handicraft center
    • Exploring Chantaburi town in the evening
    • Ban Pramong homestay, a fisherman village of CHAN
  • ฿15,500.00

    FTH-029 BANGKOK “The Path of Flowers”

    Thai food is not just about street food and spicy tastes. There is actually a sweet side to our cuisine.

    ‘The Path of Flowers’ will introduce you to our edible tropical plants which can be tasted from the main course and drinks to desserts. You will get to savour the unique tastes, experience the distinct texture, and breathe in the sweet aroma.

    Imagine the beauty of spring in a plate. Wonderful, isn’t it?

  • ฿5,500.00

    FTH-037 CHIANG MAI “Artisans” Art On The Table

    This journey will take you to explore local ingredients of the north, learn how to cook native dishes, as well as absorb the art of making refined Northern Thai cuisine all over Chiang Mai.

  • ฿7,300.00

    FTH-038 CHIANG MAI “Taste The More Natural Side of Chiang Mai”

    This one-day taste tour offers the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and experience a more authentic side of Chiang Mai at a remote community situated on the highest mountain of Thailand

  • ฿9,800.00

    FTH-039 CHANTHABURI “The Tropical Wonders of Chanthaburi”

    Experience the beauty of Eastern Thailand at Chanthaburi, a province blessed by the tropical sea to the south and green mountains to the north. One of the factors that makes the food here taste so good is the region’s abundance of volcanic soil, which is enriched with minerals, perfect for growing tropical fruits and all of those essential herbs that go into the local dishes. Thanks to the shoreline looking out into the Gulf of Thailand, it’s not surprising that seafood is another important ingredient that makes Chanthaburi’s food special.

    During this trip, indulge in the richness the province has to offer through its authentic cuisine using local ingredients and cooked by local chefs. Many dishes here are one of a kind, and can not be found anywhere else in the country. There’s also the chance to learn more about ways of the laidback Chanthaburi lifestyle by walking through a fruit garden, sailing across an oyster farm, and cooking with fresh produce right where it’s grown!

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