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  • ฿9,800.00

    FTH-039 CHANTHABURI “The Tropical Wonders of Chanthaburi”

    Experience the beauty of Eastern Thailand at Chanthaburi, a province blessed by the tropical sea to the south and green mountains to the north. One of the factors that makes the food here taste so good is the region’s abundance of volcanic soil, which is enriched with minerals, perfect for growing tropical fruits and all of those essential herbs that go into the local dishes. Thanks to the shoreline looking out into the Gulf of Thailand, it’s not surprising that seafood is another important ingredient that makes Chanthaburi’s food special.

    During this trip, indulge in the richness the province has to offer through its authentic cuisine using local ingredients and cooked by local chefs. Many dishes here are one of a kind, and can not be found anywhere else in the country. There’s also the chance to learn more about ways of the laidback Chanthaburi lifestyle by walking through a fruit garden, sailing across an oyster farm, and cooking with fresh produce right where it’s grown!