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  • CSR-004 Baan Dong Yen (CSR)

    Learn about organic farming, growing vegetables and fertilizer making. Pedal old fashioned bicycles around to see the local lifestyles, fields and organic vegetable gardens in the community

  • CSR-005 Baan Tam Suea Home Stay – the Tiger Cave Village (CSR)

    This is Baan Tam Suea, which means ‘Tiger Cave Village’ in Thai – an awesome name for a village, if a bit frightening. If you’ve got a good imagination, you might even wonder if there are indeed tigers here as suggested by the name.

  • CSR-006 Baan Rimklong Homestay (CSR)

    Learn about the local lifestyles by engaging in various activities such as making coconut sugar, a quality product of Rimklong Homestay, competing in banana and coconut milk dessert making contests and hunting for treasures in the gardens.

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    FTH-001 AYUTTHAYA Highlight “Food & Ride” The UNESCO World Heritage Centre

    Explore the highlights of the Historical Park closely and beyond by bicycle or Tuk Tuk, and private van. Immerse your evening around the island by boat. Spoil your day with authentic Ayutthaya’s premium food & desserts.

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    FTH-002A AYUTTHAYA “Koh Kerd community”

    History – new route – non-toxic – cooking – herb

    Visits the historical site along Chao Phraya river at Koh Kerd community. Enjoy variety of activities such as learning about Thai herbs, cooking Thai dishes, exploring the old and historical sites that has long line of stories back to 417 years ago.

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    FTH-002B Koh Kerd – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

    The central region of Thailand is considered to be a fertile land appropriate for agriculture. It has been praised to be full of natural resources as ‘the land of fish and rice’. This trip will introduce you to the meaning behind Ayutthaya

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    FTH-006 BANGKOK “Back to Basic Tour”


    • Private Tour
    • Experience local daily life
    • Fun transfer by public transportation such as Tuk Tuk, Ferry, Motorbike
    • Meditation Class at Wat Arun
    • Feed river fish
    • Long tail boat through small canals
    • Authentic Thai taste from restaurant that have been served to locals for over 30+ years
    • Support local communities in a unique and entertaining way
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    FTH-007 BANGKOK “Wan Fah Dinner Cruise”

    Enjoy authentic Thai cruise with Thai music and classical Thai dances.

    Treat yourself with the memorable night out aboard one of Bangkok’s most beautiful Thai boat restaurant. Relax in modern comfort and experience the warmth of Thai hospitality. Dine on a variety of authentic Thai food or Sea food, enjoy classical music and Thai dance shows during a remarkable trip Cruising along the Chao Phraya River. Enjoy the sunset and river life by night, a truly exotic experience and unforgettable night.

  • ฿15,500.00

    FTH-008A BANGKOK “The Path of Flowers”

    Thai food is not just about street food and spicy tastes. ‘The Path of Flowers’ will introduce you to our edible tropical plants which can be tasted from the main course and drinks to desserts.

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    We can offer different experiences from street food alongside a crowded street to fine dining restaurants. This abundance of taste from different types of ingredients might urge you to be more adventurous and to try things you have never tried before.

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    FTH-024 ANG THONG – SINGABURI 2 Days, 1 Night

    Cruising on Noi river, exploring the nature at Bang Jak district – Siroi temple  – The National green heritage Bodhi trees at Sang Kra Tai temple – A well known magnificent reclining Buddha image at Khun Intapramool temple – Shopping at Bang Ra Chan market –Ban Thong En community – Ban Suan Yue Suk

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    FTH-025 NAKHON NAYOK – PRACHINBURI 2 Days, 1 Night

    Program highlight

    • Phu Karieng, enjoy the variety of activities at the community that follows sufficiency economic philosophy by the late King Bhumibol e.g. rice farming, rice milling, and how to make dessert from rice
    • Relax on Prao Phufah bridge and visits Rattanachan museum
    • Cruising on longtail boat to 3 magnificent waterfalls at Khun Dan Prakarn Chol Dam
    • Sightseeing and enjoy the sunset at top of the dam
    • Ban Dong Bung community, the first organic Thai herb supplier for Chao Praya Aphaiphubet hospital
    • Enjoy the adventure such as, rubber boat rafting at Kaeng Hin Phoeng
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    FTH-029 BANGKOK “The Path of Flowers”

    Thai food is not just about street food and spicy tastes. There is actually a sweet side to our cuisine.

    ‘The Path of Flowers’ will introduce you to our edible tropical plants which can be tasted from the main course and drinks to desserts. You will get to savour the unique tastes, experience the distinct texture, and breathe in the sweet aroma.

    Imagine the beauty of spring in a plate. Wonderful, isn’t it?

  • ฿6,200.00


    • Riding a tram to Wat Pah Rang Mhee Wanaram and pay respect to the reclining Buddha image in a cave ,“Luang Poh Petch Manee”.
    • Continue the trip on a tram to another landmark, Baan Mung and off to Nern Maprang district
    • Participating a special welcome party called “Bai Sri Sue Khwan”. Have dinner and enjoy the show from the villagers at Ban Pah Rang Mhee
    • Workshop : make your own key chain from the woven mat
    • Visits the Hmong capital, Ban Kek Noi cultural village at Khao Ko, Petchabul province
    • Visits Maca Khaokho, another interesting agrotourism destination
    • Pay respect to the 5 Buddhas at Wat Prathat Pah Son Kaew
    • Visits the wind farm at Khao Koh
    • Check in at another hip café in town at Pino Latte, Route 12
  • FTH-040 BANGKOK “Thai Wisdom”

    Thai cuisine has been passed on from generation to generation since the ancient kingdom of Siam was first established. Over the years, the food has evolved along with the country, and today the dishes you’ll find in both restaurants and street-side vendors represent a variety of cultures – while still retaining the traditional cooking techniques and ingredients unique to Thailand.

    This trip invites you to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and discover the wisdom of Thai food that has been cherished by both locals and foreign visitors for so long. You’ll get to go behind-the-scenes to discover what’s happening in the kitchen, as well as learn about the complex recipes and how Thai people traditionally cook throughout the seasons. Understand how we pick out the rich ingredients in the many different parts in the country, taste the five unique flavours of Thai cuisine (sour, salty, spicy, sweet and savoury), and experience true Thai culture through participating in authentic cooking workshops.